The moral code of conduct contains important codes of conduct and rules of conduct. These principles and rules not only guide our daily business life, but also guide our strategic planning and decision-making process. If necessary, the Code of Ethics and Conduct can be revised according to relevant local laws and standards.

Ethics is a document that can be changed. It will regularly develop and adapt to changes in legal and economic conditions that affect the way we operate globally.

With these principles in mind, we reviewed the Code of Ethics, which is the foundation of our vision and values. "Vision and Values" includes XINTIAN AUTOMOT İ Basic principles adopted and committed by VE.

XINTIAN AUTOMOT İ The image and reputation of VE as a company that abides by moral rules and laws also depend on our daily behavior in business life. We need to consider and respect customs, traditions and etiquette. In fulfilling our obligations in XINTIAN AUTOMOT İ We cannot compromise on moral rules when we are responsible for VE. Improper behavior will never conform to XINTIAN AUTOMOT İ Benefits of VE.

If you have any questions to ask, or you feel uncomfortable about a decision or behavior, please contact you at XINTIAN AUTOMOT İ The manager of VE reported the matter. Get advice. But the most important thing is to abide by the code of business ethics and never allow others to violate these rules. We must realize that it is our values that introduce us to the outside world. Therefore, XINTIAN AUTOMOT İ VE's image and reputation are always entrusted to you.

Do my actions or decisions comply with relevant laws, standards and norms, as well as XINTIAN Automotive's values and standards?

Will my actions and decisions not cause any personal interest and conflict of interest?

Is my decision consistent with public decisions and public conscience?

Has my behavior contributed to XINTIAN Automotive's corporate reputation with high ethical and legal standards?

Respect people

The continued success of XINTIAN Automotive depends on the importance we attach to developing and utilizing the diversified talents and energies of XINTIAN Automotive's employees. Evaluate the proposed employees and candidates based on the principles of equality and fairness. The recruitment, remuneration and promotion of XINTIAN Automotive employees are conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork. We attach importance to the openness of communication, continuity of learning and diversity of sharing environment. whole

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