As the XINTIAN Automotive family and ISO14,001 holder, we promise:

In order to meet the high quality and high standard customer satisfaction required by the world market competition, we will manufacture tension bearings and other automotive aftermarket products.

National/international regulations will be fully complied with.

We will review all our activities that continue to focus on people and the environment. We will try our best to reduce the negative impact on the environment from our activities and take necessary measures to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.

Integrated management will cultivate and promote employees' awareness and sense of responsibility, making our system more efficient and effective. We will make effective and efficient use of our limited natural resources. Reduce waste, separate and reuse, recycle and provide necessary legal disposal.

It will be an example for all our competitors and other stakeholders. Technical progress, social needs, consideration of expectations and needs, coupled with our quality, environment and occupational health and safety policies, and continuous review of our practices, we will continue to improve.

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