Jiangxi Xintian Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., located in Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a private enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of automotive radiators, intercoolers, condensers, engine plastic intake manifolds, instruments, switching appliances and other series of products. The company covers an area of more than 150 mu. The enterprise has successively won the following awards: high-tech enterprise, Jiangxi AAA quality credit enterprise Honors such as "Advanced Unit of Good Faith and Commitment, Class A Taxpaying Credit Enterprise, AA Contract abiding and Credit abiding Unit, Advanced Unit of Environmental Protection, Advanced Unit of Independent Innovation, Excellent Supplier, Excellent New Technology Products, E-commerce Marketing Innovation Award for Commercial Vehicle Parts, Consumer Rights Protection (Advanced Unit of Good Faith and Commitment), Harmonious Enterprise, Pilot Enterprise of" Homogeneous Parts ", and National Joint Director Unit of General Vehicle Parts Production and Marketing.

  The company's products are fixed-point supporting facilities for a number of large OEMs, such as "Haixi Heavy Truck" and "Sichuan Hyundai". Relying on the technical advantages of the R&D center and the network advantages of the marketing center, the company has successfully established a marketing network covering Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, the United States, Asia and other regions.

  At present, condenser, radiator, engine plastic intake manifold and other products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Russia and other customers, and have established long-term stable business relations with foreign customers; It has also established good and stable business relationships with nearly 30 regional accessory dealers in China.

  The company has passed the ISO/TS16949 management system certification. The enterprise "serves customers with the ultimate concept, and manufactures products with the craftsman spirit". Based on the principles of customer orientation, people-oriented, process optimization, continuous improvement, and quality casting, the enterprise has been ingenious in improving the innovation mechanism, building a talent highland, establishing a harmonious customer management relationship, and continuous improvement of product quality and service, which has made the company a leader in the domestic industry in terms of new product development and market development, And reach the advanced level of foreign similar products. "Xintian goes with the times" Xintian people are striving to achieve their goals.


Our history


The company began to be established


First radiator


First condenser


First intake manifold


Independent innovation products Excellent products


Main engine supporting qualification


Quality credit AAA


ISO/TS 16949


National high-tech enterprises


Pilot unit of homogeneous accessories


Most popular brand


National invention patent authorization


Top 100 Enterprises of Yichun Famous Brand Products in Jiangxi Province


Undertaker of municipal key R&D plan


Certification of integration management system


First transfer case motor and damper actuator


The first carbon canister was born

Enterprise purpose

True love benefits society and harmony pervades the world

Corporate mission

Provide customers with overall solutions

Corporate Vision

Leader in automobile heat exchange industry

Enterprise spirit

True love, diligence, cohesion and innovation

quality policy

Serve customers with the ultimate concept, and manufacture products with the spirit of craftsmanship

XIN TIAN Mission Vision Values

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