What is the purpose of the intake manifold?
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The function of exhaust manifold: the exhaust manifold is connected to each cylinder. Finally, the exhaust manifold will be integrated into a pipe. The exhaust manifold can let the exhaust gas from the cylinder enter the exhaust pipe. All cars have exhaust manifolds. If the engine has four cylinders, there are four exhaust manifolds. If the engine has eight cylinders, there are eight exhaust manifolds. The exhaust manifold is also called the exhaust head section. The exhaust pipe of the engine is composed of three sections, namely the head section, the middle section and the tail section. The middle section is on the chassis, and the middle section is a relatively long pipe. The tail section is close to the rear bumper. There is usually a large muffler on the tail section. The exhaust pipe can let the exhaust gas generated by the engine work be discharged into the atmosphere, and can reduce the noise generated in the exhaust process.

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