What is an automobile motor?
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The news about what the automobile motor is made many people feel strange after reading it. There are still many questions that have not been answered. Let's have a look at the answers to the relevant questions!


Motor is a kind of mechanical device that we often see in our life. However, the word "motor" itself refers to "power equipment" such as motor, engine and prime mover. Automobile motor is a kind of equipment for converting and transmitting electric energy, which is mainly used as the power source of electric vehicles. With the depletion of resources and the enhancement of the awareness of environmental protection, electric vehicles are developing faster and faster, and the application of automobile motors is becoming more and more extensive.

The performance of electric vehicle motor requires high voltage, high speed, light weight, small size, large starting torque and wide range of speed regulation performance within the allowable range. Automobile motors are used frequently, and daily maintenance is required, mainly to check whether the motor brush is normal.

If the fan blade is installed on the rotating motor, the electric fan can generate wind. If the motor is installed on the pulley, objects can be lifted and moved. These are all phenomena of mechanical energy generated by motor.

In addition, the motor can not only realize rotation, but also realize linear movement by using the attraction and repulsion of electromagnet. Linear motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy for linear motion. The microphone is a kind of machine that generates sound through the current flowing in the coil, which can also be understood as a motor.

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